Ways to improve employee engagement & culture within Community Association Management Companies

Sam Khalef, the Founder of MYBOS - Powerfully Simple, sheds light on the importance of employee engagement & community culture within the organization.
Sam Khalef | UAE | Community Management

When we talk about the culture within the Community Association and Management Companies it is key to first look into hiring the right people. Many industries have seen a massive transition in the way people work, hybrid workplaces, and changes in lifestyle expectations. This is why it is essential to ensure that the right people fit within the organization’s values as they have a direct relation to the customers & clients.

Once employed, it is up to the organization to ensure that the employees feel engaged and comfortable within. Ongoing education for Community Managers on new trends, new projects, and best practices is important. However, it is also key to keep them engaged and challenged without the burden of requesting from management.

The same goes for management companies. Even though their work may be more focused on face-face and site attendance, I have personally experienced several management companies’ employees simply echoing what management/leadership has requested. This may not be what they want or feel in the workplace. It is important to keep a dynamic open floor for employees to voice their opinions and ensure the foundations are strong before expanding into any new horizons.

Technology is certainly one part of improving an organization's culture, yet our customers cannot be ignored.  

Ensuring your clients and customers are well received with the right technology, and providing the employees an exceptional experience goes a long way in both retaining management and further growing the company goals and aspirations.

We have seen time and again that a company culture might not be the best in place impacting the customer experience. This leads to a bad experience and potential loss of contract. This also impacts both the company's growth and can alter the company's focus to re-look at its foundations and re-evaluate where it went wrong.

Another area we may experience issues is when the team is underequipped. Ensuring they have the latest gadgets, computers, uniforms, etc. plays a huge role in the growth of the company. You may come across several companies which might have a very outlasting outer image, however, when looking deep into the organization's DNA you come across many issues with inadequate equipment, training, and personal well-being which echoes throughout the company.

Keeping these essentials in mind, one would automatically witness a more overall engaged company. 

(About the Author: Sam Khalef is the Founder of MYBOS - Powerfully Simple. He brings with him an extensive background in Strata & Building Management, which led him to build an innovative solution that caters to the needs of the management companies.)

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