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Muhammad JawadUrRehman talks about how one can unlock the potential of Property Management in the UAE with Industry Expertise and Collaboration, One Step at a Time
Muhammad JawadUrRehman | UAE | Property Management

IREM® (Institute of Real Estate Management) is a global organization that provides property and asset managers with in-depth expertise to meet the ever-evolving problems of real estate management. That means knowledge prepared for the day-to-day and the one-of-a-kind: from solving the latest tenant crisis to analyzing market conditions.  IREM, with some 20,000 members, has been providing support and services to property management professionals since 1933.

In December, IREM leadership visited the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and among their many other engagements, "An Evening with UAE Members" stood out. The IREM HQ team, led by Leah Misbin, Senior Director of International Programs, organized the meeting with 2022 IREM President Barry Blanton, CPM®, and 2022 IREM President-Elect Renee Savage, CPM®, CCIM, giving members the opportunity to communicate directly and discuss ideas for the industry's progress.

Being the first IREM CPM® (Certified Property Manager) in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East is something I cherish and am very proud of. Thus, I am delighted to see the increase of IREM members in the UAE, which raises the possibility of founding a UAE Chapter. Therefore, I wanted to share with everyone how IREM may provide value and serve our industry, preparing us for future challenges in our profession.

Some of the ways in which I see IREM would support and contribute to property management in the UAE are as follows:

Credibility: IREM provides property managers with education, training, and certification. The organization is well-regarded in our industry, and its certifications are recognized by many as a hallmark of professionalism, ethical practices and expertise.

Professional Development, Education & Training: IREM provides a number of educational programs and courses to assist property management professionals in staying current and developing their abilities. Aside from the premier certification of 'Certified Property Manager' for professionals working in all asset types, IREM provides a variety of skills on-demand, webinars, training courses for residential and commercial professionals, and publications to assist property managers in staying updated with industry trends and regulations.

Talent Shortfall: This can be attributed to many factors, but lack of awareness and skill shortages are among the most significant. I’m certain that an IREM presence in the UAE can significantly contribute to tackling the problems of a talent shortage. With the fact that substantial work is required in many verticals, the younger generations would have the option to explore the possibilities of pursuing a career in real estate management. One of the major milestones was the fact that IREM has started offering ARM® (Accredited Residential Manager) courses through an established real estate institute, Innovation Experts Real Estate Institute in Dubai, while another prominent institution in Abu Dhabi, ThinkProp, announced the beginning of a strategic partnership with IREM, increasing the opportunities for real estate professionals.

Networking Opportunities & Collaboration: IREM has 78 chapters in the United States and 16 chapters internationally. With the expansion of IREM's presence in the UAE, I’m delighted to see property managers in the UAE network share ideas and best practices and collaborate on industry-related projects. With the possibility of a UAE chapter this year, I envision property management professionals and other related industries sponsoring local and national networking events, chapter meetings, and online forums.

Research & Market Insight: IREM gives its members access to a plethora of research and information on the most recent developments and best practices in the field of property management. This consists of many resources, such as reports on the industry and analyses of the market. With a UAE chapter, property managers and other industry professionals in the UAE would be able to network with their peers, share ideas and best practices, and collaborate on industry-related initiatives.

Advocacy and Representation: In the United States, IREM has a long tradition of advocating on behalf of property managers and the industry. A chapter in the UAE would be a significant step forward not only for property managers but the entire sector. I’m hopeful that with the support of IREM leadership and UAE members, we’ll all play our roles to ensure the property management sector is effectively represented, that property managers' problems and needs are acknowledged and that we’ll serve as a catalyst for the improvement of the industry.

Standards and Best Practices:  Members of IREM always have access to a variety of resources and services intended to assist them in managing properties more efficiently, including templates for best practices and property-specific forms. In addition, IREM continues to develop and promote property management best practices and standards and is always a leader in addressing the most dynamic challenges the industry faces constantly. With an active chapter in this region, property managers in the UAE will be able to provide their clients with more ethical, effective, and high-quality services.

As an IREM member in the United Arab Emirates, I’m thrilled by the prospect of another industry leader establishing its presence here. It will only elevate the entire industry and contribute to the phenomenal growth of the UAE's built environment over the past two decades.

(About the author: Muhammad JawadUrRehman is the property & community management Manager at Imkaan Properties)

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