Sacramento Residents Go Green with Online Retrofit Tool

The tool is part of the City’s work to develop a pathway to transition buildings to carbon-free electricity and aligns with its Climate Action and Adaptation Plan.
Megha S Anthony | USA | Real Estate

The City of Sacramento has partnered with Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) and XeroHome to introduce an online tool designed to help single-family homeowners and renters reduce their homes’ energy bills and carbon footprint.

The XeroHome tool provides energy-efficient retrofits and greenhouse gas emission reduction suggestions. XeroHome is free and accessible to all Sacramento residents living in single-family or duplex dwellings. Users can view energy and cost estimates based on public data and provide more detailed information, such as their thermostat set point, utility bill data, and window and lighting types, to improve estimate accuracy.

Interested users will need to enter their home addresses, and the tool will guide them through a series of questions about their current appliances. According to Laura Tuller, the City’s associate planner, "XeroHome can help homeowners see what appliances are driving up the costs of their utility bill and how they can reduce carbon emissions. We hope this tool allows Sacramentans to easily evaluate their homes, find rebates, and take advantage of the long-term cost savings of going all electric."

Users will receive upgrade suggestions, including electric heat pump water heaters, ceiling insulation, and "do it yourself" options such as installing LED lighting. The tool also provides upgrade costs and rebate estimates. The whole process takes around five minutes to complete, and users can request a free informational package on how to make the suggested upgrades.

The tool is part of the City’s Climate Action & Adaption plan, which aims to develop a pathway to transition existing buildings to carbon-free electricity. Electrification of existing buildings and homes is one of the measures included in the plan. The city hopes to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045.

XeroHome is a web platform that uses data science and predictive modeling to deliver customized home energy insights at scale. Its aim is to encourage homeowners to adopt energy-saving measures and reduce carbon emissions.

The partnership aims to provide homeowners with the tools necessary to reduce their energy consumption, reduce their environmental footprint and take advantage of long-term cost savings. Through the implementation of these types of tools, the city can help individuals and families to become more environmentally friendly while also contributing to the fight against climate change.

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