Compare Your Building's Health with New USA Data Tool!

This new wellness certification allows building owners to compare the health of their buildings to that of their peer’s properties
Staff Reporter | USA | Real Estate

Fitwel, a leading wellness certification program, has announced the launch of a new data insights tool on its platform called the "Relational Data tool." This innovative tool allows building owners to compare the health of their buildings to that of their peers' properties.

According to Fitwel, this is the "first of its kind" tool that takes social responsibility into account.

While there are other ranking systems that assess green metrics in the industry, Fitwel's relational data tool is unique in its approach to building health. The tool evaluates factors such as air quality, access to healthy food, and opportunities for physical activity, all while considering the social responsibility of a building owner to the wider community.

This tool comes at a time when building occupants and investors are increasingly demanding quality and transparency in the industry. Fitwel's relational data tool provides businesses with the knowledge they need to inform stakeholders, such as renters and investors, about their relative performance, enabling differentiation from competitors and precise annual reporting metrics.

The tool may be able to assist real estate companies in improving their dialogue with important stakeholders, making more informed business decisions in regard to implementing healthy buildings, and identifying areas for development for health-centered initiatives.

Fitwel's commitment to building health and wellness is evident in its comprehensive approach to certification, which includes physical and mental health considerations, community impact, and accessibility. With the launch of this new data tool, Fitwel continues to lead the industry in promoting healthy and sustainable building practices.

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