Al Habtoor Tower To House Three Luxury Car Brands

The development will unite Bugatti, Rimac, and Pagani under one roof
Staff Reporter | UAE | Developers

Located in the heart of Business Bay, Dubai, Al Habtoor Tower will unite three of the world’s foremost hyper sports car brands—Bugatti, Rimac, and Pagani—under one roof, creating an unparalleled destination for automotive enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

At the forefront of this automotive haven is the largest Bugatti showroom worldwide, occupying an expansive space on the ground floor. Bugatti, synonymous with excellence in design and engineering, transcends automotive boundaries, offering a captivating range of products and experiences. The Bugatti Official Partner of Excellence Showroom in the UAE will transport visitors to the enchanting realm of Molsheim, presenting an array of Bugatti offerings.

Rimac Automobili, a technological powerhouse specialising in electric hypercars, takes centre stage with its latest marvel, the Nevera. Setting the bar for electric performance, the Nevera has shattered numerous world records, securing its position as the fastest electric production car globally.

The showroom promises an exclusive glimpse into the pinnacle of sustainable mobility technology, seamlessly blending clean lines and modern design to showcase Rimac Automobili's latest innovations. Pagani Automobili, the Italian luxury hypercar manufacturer, elevates automotive artistry to new heights, guided by a philosophy deeply rooted in beauty and scientific excellence.

At Al Habtoor Tower, Pagani's showroom will embody the essence of the Modenese Atelier, offering a personalised experience true to the brand's ethos. Here, guests will be immersed in the world of Pagani, surrounded by handcrafted signature furniture and bespoke details that exemplify the brand's dedication to individuality.

Each showroom will boast state-of-the-art digital configuration tools, empowering customers to craft vehicles tailored to their unique preferences. Visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich history, unparalleled craftsmanship, cutting-edge design, and groundbreaking innovation that define these distinguished automotive brands.

Al Habtoor Tower stands as a testament to Dubai's position as a global hub for automotive excellence. With Bugatti, Rimac, and Pagani joining forces in this extraordinary venture, the UAE clientele can anticipate an unrivaled experience that marries luxury, technology, and artistry.

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