FoxyAI Comes Out With GPT Model

FoxyAI-GPT integrates various data types, including text and images, helping real estate professionals enhance their work
Staff Reporter | USA | Proptech

FoxyAI, a proptech leader in real estate visualisation and property intelligence, has launched FoxyAI-GPT (, a highly specialised generative AI model poised to redefine the real estate industry.

The AI model is a multimodal Generative Pre-training Transformer (‘GPT’), one that has undergone rigorous training using a rich dataset comprised of textual and visual real estate data. It integrates various data types, including text and images, offering real estate professionals a versatile tool to enhance their work. It can also be used alongside traditional AI models, e.g., object detection models, in order to refine research beyond predefined classifications.

Here are some benefits offered by FoxyAI-GPT to real estate professionals:

Search beyond conventional limitations: FoxyAI-GPT users can search for anything in their real estate datasets – from specific property features like bay windows, unique tile patterns, garden fountains, and kitchen layouts – to abstract concepts like factors influencing appraisal bias.

Find similar properties: By uploading a reference image, FoxyAI-GPT can identify matching properties or features. This is a game-changer for appraising unique homes that defy conventional categories.

Stay ahead of trends: Real estate professionals can anticipate emerging visual trends in property listings by leveraging FoxyAI-GPT's ability to analyse streams of recent property images and detect shifting preferences. This empowers professionals to tailor property staging and/or marketing strategies to align with market preferences.

Estimate renovation costs: Professionals planning renovations can provide images of their current spaces and describe desired changes. FoxyAI-GPT can suggest potential improvements, visualise alterations, and estimate increases in property value based on similar renovations it has encountered.

“Empowering real estate professionals with the latest in AI tools to help them make better decisions has always been our mission,” said Vin Vomero, Founder and CEO of FoxyAI. “FoxyAI-GPT is the embodiment of that commitment, designed to make real estate research and analysis more accessible and insightful than ever before,” he added.

Founded in 2018, FoxyAI utilises artificial intelligence and computer vision to convert everyday real estate photos into actionable data. Its suite of property intelligence tools, all available through its API, can instantly compute quality and condition, valuations, renovation costs, detect objects and materials, and much more.

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