Buffalo Partners With Simplicity App To Inform Citizens

The New York state city wants to keep residents and visitors up-to-date on city news and municipal services as well as combat misinformation on social media.
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Buffalo in New York state is partnering with the Simplicity App to provide residents with a single destination to receive notifications and information from the City.

Buffalo residents and visitors will be able to download the Simplicity application and receive updates, city news, information about municipal services, emergency alerts, and more directly to their smartphones.

 City in your phone

The Simplicity app is described as a “city in your phone” where residents and visitors can access critical city updates, emergency alerts, outages, road closures, city events, and more. The app is currently used by more than 100 cities, including New York City, Miami, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Chicago suburbs. Cleveland Denver and other major US cities are launching the app in the upcoming months.

“As we continue to leverage new technology for a more efficient government, we are pleased to partner with Simplicity to bring additional services to our residents,” said mayor Byron Brown.

“Once known as “the City of Light” for being the first American City to have widespread electricity, the City of Buffalo is proud of our long history of innovation. Present day, we do not just want to keep up with the times, but rather, continue to be a trailblazer in successfully utilising the tools of the future.

“Our partnership with the Simplicity App will keep the City of Buffalo on the cutting edge of innovation and prove a useful resource to our residents and visitors.”

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