IRECMS Riyadh Masterclasses - A Stupendous Success

Held for the first time in the Kingdom - The IRECMS Riyadh Masterclasses was well received by the industry at large.
Staff Reporter | KSA | Community Management

The recently concluded IRECMS Riyadh Masterclasses at King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) marked the first-ever masterclasses organized by the IRECMS team in the Kingdom. Held in association with KAFD and Solana Living, the event witnessed power-packed sessions and informative talks, conducted by professional trainers and coaches, who are the best-of-the-best in the business.

The event started with the welcome address by Jatin Deepchandani, CEO, Plan3Media, this was then followed by the opening address by Gautam Sashittal, CEO, KAFD.

The IRECMS Riyadh Masterclass had a lineup of celebrated international and national professionals in the industry who shared their insights and expertise with the participants. The speakers included Jamil Al Saleh, CEO, of Solana Living, Pepe Gutierrez, CEO of Megafincas (Spain), Francisco Martinez, Founding Partner & CEO of Fincas Cholo, S.L (Spain), Tom Skiba, CEO, Community Associations Institute, and Prof. Jeevan D'Mello, CEO, Zenesis Corp (UAE).

The masterclass was a success. There was a packed house of participants gathered to discuss the various areas of real estate management and the industry's future. Jamil Al Saleh presented the unique needs of Riyadh Real Estate. Whereas Thomas Skiba spoke about the importance of real estate management education in KSA and the educational opportunities available to become a globally recognized Real Estate Manager.

In Pepe Gutierrez’s session on ‘Condo Tech: The Wave of the Future’, he touched upon the examples of smart buildings that are being managed by Community Managers around the world and the lessons we can adopt from their flourishing practice.

Prof. Jeevan D'Mello, CEO, Zenesis Corp (UAE) spoke about the Multi-faceted profession of Real Estate Management which has the distinct professions of Asset Management, Property Management, Community Management, and Facility Management within it.

He also shed light on the Owners Association law that came into effect in the Kingdom only a couple of years ago and why one needs to gear up the nation and professionals to understand and comply with this law to fulfill the Kingdom's vision of 2030.

“I had an amazing day at the IRECMS Riyadh Masterclasses. A big thank you to KAFD and CEO Gautam Sashittal for encouraging us to bring this awareness and education to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and my esteemed colleagues for sharing their insights and expertise as well,” said Prof. Jeevan.

Attendees Testimonials:

The IRECMS Riyadh Masterclasses were well-organized and extremely informative. What stood out was that all the sessions were focused on the KSA real estate market. The interaction between the trainers and the participants, especially during Mr. Jeevan’s and Mr. Jamil’s sessions was something I enjoyed. I also enjoyed the way Mr. Pepe conducted his session, it was so interesting and kept everyone fresh and energetic till the end.

  • Waseem Ahmed, Operations Director of Solana Living KSA

All the sessions were extremely informative and well put together. I enjoyed my experience at the IRECMS Riyadh Masterclasses. I gained so much information and knowledge regarding the Community Management industry. I would like to thank Jatin and the team for organizing such good industry events and looking forward to the next one.

  • Badr Hanbazaza, Director, Community Relations, ROSHN

The IRECMS Riyadh Masterclasses was a great opportunity to meet with experts in Asset, Property, Community, and Facility Management and share with audiences the main difference between each one of these business methodologies in the real estate sector. The class; also, give us the chance to get to know the issues and solutions of some cases that the speakers and audience shared, which lead us to think about the new services that can be innovated and invented for the market to meet the pleasure of the end-user.

  • Faisal Almubarak, Associate Director, Government Liaison, Community Management, ROSHN

& Coach, Saudi Real Estate Institute

 The Masterclasses were very well-organized and had many key takeaways. We should have more of them in Saudi Arabia.

  •  Nayef Ghouth, Senior Director of Community Relations; ROSHN

Here are some of the snapshots of the event.

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