Bahrain & India Welcome IRECMS Masterclasses With Open Arms

Packed with interesting sessions conducted by International speakers, the IRECMS Masterclasses were an astounding success in both Bahrain & India
Staff Reporter | Real Estate | Bahrain & India

After the astounding response at the IRECMS Riyadh Masterclasses, last week witnessed the conclusion of two more great sessions of Masterclasses in Bahrain & India. International trainers & speakers from USA, UAE, Spain, and India with representatives from the local & government bodies conducted the various sessions.

The sessions focused on the various areas of real estate management and the industry's future

These sessions not only added value to the attendees but also gave an insight into the kind of opportunities they can explore in their respective regions.

“Fabulous initiative towards bringing together the Community Management industry across multiple countries. It is with such Global Standardization that we open up multiple opportunities for managers and firms. It has been my honour to contribute to this initiative,” said San Banerjee, CEO & Co-Founder, of ADDA.

Prof. Jeevan D’Mello, CEO, of Zenesis Corp, had the opportunity to train and speak at all the IRECMS Masterclasses. “I had a great time sharing my thoughts, experience, and expertise on the subject of Real Estate Management and why it is the ‘mother’ profession of so many distinct professions that have their responsibilities but the same end goal- Customer Happiness. Thanks to IRECMS for the great organization!”

The IRECMS Masterclasses Attendees have been raving about their experience.

“A day purposefully spent. I was blown away by the vision of IRECMS. What I learned in this masterclass was something I wouldn’t have learned otherwise,” expressed Col Navinder Narang, Head Infrastructure and Facilities, ICICI Home Finance Company.

Director, Cushman & Wakefield, Sitanshu Singhdeo, was impressed with the sessions and found them very insightful.  “I am glad I got to meet industry colleagues. All the sessions were indeed very insightful. I loved the presentation by Pepe Gutierrez (CEO of Megafincas (Spain)) and his funky shoes! Jeevan D’Mello’s and San’s sessions were terrific too. I will be looking forward to many more,” added Sitanshu Singhdeo.

What’s Next for IRECMS Masterclasses?

The team is now raring to go and will be conducting IRECMS Masterclasses in Milan, Bogota and at the flagship event in Dubai between Oct and Dec 2022.

Here are a few glimpses from the Masterclasses that were conducted in Bahrain & India.

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