Why You Should Consider Outsourcing The Maintenance Of Your Property

John Kevan explores the vital factors that could help decide why one should outsource the maintenance of an asset
John Kevan | UAE | Facilities Management

The upkeep of a property is of utmost importance. Every Property Manager should consider a custom plan for regular maintenance of his managed assets, from reducing risks of asset failures in the future and contributing to cost savings to creating the perfect environment for occupants and beyond.

As more and more Property Managers focus on elevating their maintenance plans, one question remains - is commercial or in-house maintenance the ideal choice? Let’s explore vital factors from each approach that could help you decide. 

When you choose to build an in-house maintenance team

One of the critical advantages of keeping maintenance in-house is timely and preventative repairs. When an issue arises, it can be addressed and fixed quickly because the maintenance team is always on-site. The communication chain is much shorter since the team is directly answerable to a supervisor, which makes for swifter response time. Also, owning to familiarity with the property, the maintenance team can make recommendations for preventative maintenance to keep systems and functions running smoothly.

What makes in-house maintenance a problem for most property owners is cost control. In-house staff wages and benefits (such as a pension, medical, vacation, etc.) will increase over time and, in the long run, get too expensive to sustain.

Sometimes there’s a need for specialised expertise which may not exist within the team. The cost of developing in-house competencies that are not needed on a permanent or continuous basis can burden financial resources. And it costs a lot of money to provide continuous training for new skills and equipment handling. Also, there’s no guarantee that an in-house team will follow international standards in service delivery across all parameters.

Another drawback is dealing with personnel grievances, disciplinary actions, and other issues, which can become a time-consuming process and amounts to additional responsibility. With limited personnel resources, it’s difficult to find relievers to cover for absenteeism across various skill deliverables.

Then there is the financial challenge of investing in appropriate staff accommodation that meets standards set by regulatory authorities. Staff transportation is another huge expense. Besides having to secure maintenance assets, tools, and equipment, and then finding the funds required to keep them in proper working condition.

Lastly, running an in-house operation requires managerial staff: dedicated engineers, security, and housekeeping managers. And to support this senior team, significant investment goes into CAFM, CRM & ERP systems to help them manage their assets operations, and lifecycle. As you can see, keeping maintenance in-house can prove to be a costly proposition.

When you hire a commercial maintenance provider

Outsourcing maintenance to a Facility Management company enables budget flexibility and allows you to exercise greater cost control across many variables. With a large and diverse pool of skilled workers, the company has the flexibility to adjust the number of employees required to maintain your property faster than in-house staff while absorbing hiring costs and other ancillary expenses. For instance, for the hospitality business, a Facility Management company can easily scale the team size up and down based on occupancy rates.

Additionally, the company can provide specialised services that may not be available to the in-house staff. It’s a factor that significantly influences the quality of the work being performed since all staff is constantly being trained and updated with current best practices related to their skill set. They are equipped with the latest tools and trained in using the most recent technology. This is especially true when it comes to specialised tools and equipment. A Facility Management company must own these assets and deploy them as needed.

Ultimately it is all about peace of mind. You can rest assured when you know your property is in the hands of dedicated and experienced professionals.

Concordia provides end-to-end maintenance services

Concordia, one of Dubai’s leading Facility Management companies, has the required expertise to be your property’s maintenance partner. For more than 15 years, the company has been providing end-to-end services to more than 248,000,000 sq. ft. of residential and commercial property in Dubai. Following high-quality standards, the team is well equipped and trained to offer optimal results. Concordia brings lots of experience and implements best practices, learnings, and innovations from other market sectors to provide the most economically viable and professional service. The services are certified with international standards and use UAE-authority-approved equipment and materials.

Contact Concordia’s team to find out more about its reliable Property Maintenance Services for your property.

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