How Technology Integration Creates Flourishing Communities

Mark Maynard gives an insight into how technology can significantly enhance operations at a community, resulting in a positive impact on owners and occupants alike.
Mark Maynard | UAE | Community Management

As the dependence on technology continues to affect various aspects of our lifestyle, businesses across all industries are exploring innovative solutions to satisfy the shifting demands of consumers. The same challenge applies to community management companies, who are adamant on finding new methods to create attractive communities that cater to today’s tech-savvy tenants.

There are many ways community management companies can integrate technological solutions within their communities to improve the living experience for their residents, ranging from digitising traditional process or systems to introducing user-friendly apps. If applied properly, technology can significantly enhance operations at a community, resulting in a positive impact on owners and occupants alike.

Convenience is a focal point for technological integration within communities. The more feasible it is for residents to perform mundane day-to-day errands, the happier and more satisfied they become. At Kingfield, we have implemented a range of solutions that emphasise the element of convenience, including the Gatekeeper software platform, which allows residents to register visitors, contractors, vendors, etc. through a digital dashboard on their smartphones or computers. Thus, enabling visitors’ seamless entry to the building at a designated time without compromising the security and safety of its inhabitants.

Another inventive solution that we put in place, was deploying a touch-less entry system across major entry points of a building. This advanced system is smart enough to recognise the shape of a person’s hand, allowing residents to access areas around the building just by waving at the sensor. People can still follow the traditional route and use their access cards; however, this new method eliminates the need to carry the physical card, offering a practical solution for those that may forget their card or those visiting building amenities such as the gym or pool. The new entry system also provides health and safety benefits by minimising the transmission of germs through contact. Another noteworthy advantage of using the sensor is that it does not register biometric data and instead uses the physical shape of a hand, meaning there is no breach on individuals’ security.

It is crucial for community management companies to recognise that UAE consumers have adapted to the comforts of modern technology and have easy-to-use mobile applications for all services including food delivery, grocery shopping, transportation, telephone bills, etc. Hence, it is fairly reasonable that residents expect the same standards to be provided in their communities. To address this challenge, we have introduced ‘PropEzy Community’, which is a digitised software that manages all customer interactions and connects them through a single, unified platform. With the PropEzy mobile application, tenants have access to a channel for feedback or complaints, they can complete pending payments, receive community updates, book amenities, request services, explore upcoming community events, receive exclusive offers and much more. This way, we significantly reduce the workload on community managers, while making sure our residents receive high-level customer experience.

Technology integration can also indirectly enhance the living experience in a community. For instance, we have integrated advanced technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) within our asset management procedures, allowing us to monitor equipment condition remotely and devise predictive maintenance plans that rely on automated alerts to know when a service is required. Therefore, we no longer need to schedule regular maintenance appointments that lead to constant visits of technicians and inconvenient mobilisation of heavy equipment and machinery around the community. This contributes to an improved and undisturbed living experience for occupants and reduces costs that directly affects owners and residents.

In conclusion, the integration of technology and smart solutions has become a mandate for creating a flourishing and happy community in the UAE. With the general population being tech-fluent, community management companies must explore creative solutions to refine their communities and fulfill basic requirements of the modern-day tenant, ensuring proper utilisation of the technology at hand. With this becoming the new standard in the industry, more and more companies are racing to invest in innovative proptech solutions and expand on the wide range of opportunities they offer.

(About the Author: Mark Maynard is the Head of Site Communications at Kingfield Owner Association Management Services (Kingfield))

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