URB unveils new tech and innovation district in Dubai

The Urban Tech District will demonstrate URB’s urban innovation processes, creating 4000 jobs in green urban tech, education and training
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Global leader in developing sustainable cities, URB has unveiled the Urban Tech District in Dubai, a development that will become a living laboratory where innovation and entrepreneurship in urban technology come together to thrive.

Located on the Creekside of the Al Jaddaf area in Dubai, the urban tech district will create 4000 jobs in green urban tech, education, and training. It will also be home to venture capitals to provide fuel for entrepreneurs, thus empowering a unique collaborative urban tech ecosystem.

Tech-enabled urban developments seek to provide solutions to the challenges created by urbanisation in various areas such as zero-mile food production, food security, affordable & scalable renewable energy, low energy demand water harvesting, zero-waste management, and waste-to-energy solutions. These are just some of the many challenges our cities are facing.

Baharash Bagherian CEO of URB, said,  “Dubai is best positioned to lead the Urban Tech Transformation than any other city in the world. The Urban Tech District will be a new global tech hub for urban innovation. With a total of 140,000m2 of built-up area, it will be the world’s largest urban tech district. Thus making Dubai the centre for urban innovation.”

The new district will provide facilities for conferences, training, research, seminars, business incubation as well as various amenities. The building will also offset all its embodied carbon emissions from construction and operation.

As a net zero carbon district, the development will help to reduce the carbon footprint of its partner businesses, thus enabling a low-carbon workforce.

The district will also be home to the urban tech institute, which will foster the next generation of urban tech leaders. The institute will provide opportunities to pilot new innovations based on applied research whilst driving public-private partnerships.

Here is a look at the images of the new project.

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