Yarn Cloud Committed To Vision 2030

The company says its strategies align with the Kingdom’s goals for digitization, economic diversification and enduring growth
Staff Reporter | KSA | Property Management

Reiterating its commitment to Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, Yarn Cloud, a Saudi-based pioneer in property management solutions, has said the company’s strategy aligns with the Kingdom’s ambitious goals for digitization, economic diversification and enduring growth. While not a direct collaborator, Yarn Cloud’s mission closely echoes that of the Saudi Facility Management Co., an initiative by the Public Investment Fund, which aims to enhance operational efficiency and prolong the lifespan of real estate.

As per the Middle East Facilities Management Association estimates, the facility management market in Saudi Arabia is valued at approximately $20 billion. The construction sector’s increasing investment plays a pivotal role in driving the growth of the facility management market in the Kingdom.

MEFMA’s estimates indicate that approximately 31 per cent of the market is presently outsourced, primarily within the public sector. This further emphasizes the potential for enhancement in the facility management landscape, aligning with Yarn Cloud’s commitment to driving innovation and sustainability in the Saudi property management industry.

As the Kingdom continues to evolve, Yarn Cloud is dedicated to supporting its progress. By empowering property managers with innovative tools and making it easier for the management of facilities, Yarn Cloud is continually fostering sustainable practices. The company plays an indirect yet vital role in the government’s endeavor to unlock the full potential of the real estate sector and in turn diversify the economy.

Vision 2030 envisions a vibrant society and a thriving economy achieved through digitization across sectors, including real estate. Yarn Cloud’s advanced property management solutions embody this transformation, empowering property managers to optimize operations, enhance tenant experiences, and drive sustainable growth within residential and commercial communities.

“We’ve designed our solutions with Vision 2030 in mind,” said Yahia Shaheen, CEO at Yarn Cloud. “Our aim is to empower property and facility managers with modern technology and data-driven practices, fostering an efficient, sustainable and digitally interconnected real estate sector.”

Yarn Cloud’s comprehensive property management platform encompasses a suite of features that streamline maintenance, bolster property manager-tenant communication, and offer invaluable insights for informed decision-making. By digitizing and automating processes, Yarn Cloud simplifies operations and resource allocation, key components of Vision 2030’s realization.

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