YAEMCO Bags Contract For Art Of Living Mall

The IFM company will work towards maintaining the mall’s functionality, aesthetics, and overall visitor experience
Staff Reporter | UAE | Facilities Management

YAEMCO has been awarded the Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) contract for the one-of-a-kind shopping destination – the Art of Living Mall in Dubai. The agreement marks a milestone achievement for YAEMCO as it expands its footprint in the thriving business hub of Dubai.

Art of Living Mall, situated at the heart of Dubai’s bustling urban landscape, is more than just a shopping destination; it’s an architectural marvel that brings together luxury retail, gastronomy, entertainment, and cultural experiences under one roof. The Art of Living Mall is the first and biggest furniture, home appliance, and home accessories shopping mall in the MENA region. The signing underscores YAEMCO’s position as one among the industry leaders and its dedication to providing top-notch IFM solutions.

Under the newly inked contract, YAEMCO will be responsible for a comprehensive range of services aimed at maintaining the mall’s functionality, aesthetics, and overall visitor experience. It will also play a pivotal role in elevating the visitor experience by ensuring seamless operations, top-tier industry practices, and a safe, welcoming environment.

YAEMCO will introduce cutting-edge technology and industry best practices to optimise energy efficiency, bolster security measures, unmatched hospitality and enhance the overall functionality of the mall. Further, in alignment with Dubai’s sustainability goals, YAEMCO will implement eco-friendly solutions, including energy-efficient systems, contributing to a reduced environmental footprint for the mall.

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