Progressive Software Aims to Bridge the Gap Between Tenants and Landlords

Betterhomes, Dubai’s longest-standing real estate company, moves its whole PM portfolio to Goyzer
Staff Reporter | PropTech | UAE

Goyzer is purpose-built, in Dubai, for real estate agencies. By streamlining and tracking all property management tasks, Goyzer enhances communication within the entire network. The innovative software closely follows the processes adopted by real estate agencies, allowing for fast adoption with minimal customisation.

Goyzer is taking a mobile-first approach, enabling tenants, landlords and vendors to connect to the entire ecosystem on their phones. Betterhomes CEO Ryan Mahoney adds, "The software is merging multiple separated segments and stakeholders into one comprehensive platform that brings all property management functions to your fingertips in a simple and intuitive manner."

Tenants can analyse lease details, log maintenance requests, view contract information and receive reminders related to their lease. With Dubai moving towards digital rental payments, Goyzer will send tenants rental payment reminders and allow them to pay online.

Goyzer removes landlords' need to manually request documents through emails or calls. Niral Jhaveri, Head of Property Management at Betterhomes, states, "Our landlords are able to instantly receive real-time updates about their property, view tenant documents, generate their statement and much more. In addition, our users found the flexibility of the new software refreshing, solving prior struggles faced by the local market.''

With over 25 years of experience in Proptech, Atif Bashir, Goyzer CEO, states, 'Our vision is to be the most comprehensive property management software on the market through continuous development and research. Our focus remains on the quality of service and building long-term relationships with our customers through our innovative technology."

In today's market, speed and time efficiency is vital. Through Goyzer, the property management process is quicker, with elevated communications and more transparency. Goyzer successfully operates in GCC, South East Asia and North African markets.

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