Newmark Launches New Tool for Real Estate Management

Optality enables real estate professionals to advance real estate goals and manage associated costs to meet shifting market demands
Staff Reporter | USA | PropTech

Newmark Group Inc. announced the launch of Optality, a dynamic portfolio optimization solution to enable enterprises to add flexibility to their office space in real time by providing the agility to quickly adjust workspace provisions, globally. Through Optality’s technology platform, corporate real estate leaders can advance real estate goals and manage associated costs to meet shifting market demands, such as those of hybrid office models.

“Optality further demonstrates Newmark’s commitment to developing innovative products and services to support our clients on a global scale,” said Newmark GCS Chief Executive Officer Rick Bertasi. “More than ever before, businesses need hybrid work models and sound strategic advice to address a multitude of priorities including talent attraction, employee retention, sustainability and more. Optality is the newest innovation in our full spectrum of portfolio solutions, from global corporate strategy to workplace design to workforce enablement. Optality, combined with Newmark’s Global Corporate Services’ (GCS) portfolio strategy and data analytics tools, provides corporations with the greatest possible ability to optimize their occupancy going forward.”

Optality — powered by SaaS technology platform Upflex — delivers an intuitive user experience, strong corporate controls and a robust data backbone on a single app that can be downloaded from both the Apple and Android stores. The app supports remote working through access to a range of safe and accredited desks, offices and meeting spaces comprising one of the largest collections of workspace offerings in the world, spanning over 70 countries and 1,600 cities across more than 600 brands. In addition to the platform’s booking capabilities, Optality allows enterprises to leverage a central data platform to further inform their return-to-work occupancy strategy and track workspace utilization.

Combined with Newmark GCS’s existing portfolio strategy and data analytics tools, the solution allows clients to maximize portfolio and workplace optimization. Optality enables businesses to advance hybrid work models and corporate flex needs to nurture talent, optimize space and enhance sustainability. Building upon the recent acquisitions of international agile workspace providers Knotel and Deskeo, the introduction of Optality adds an element to Newmark’s growing flexible office platform, providing additional choices and easy space bookings for its enterprise clients across the world.

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