Introducing Marrfa: A New PropTech Venture

The brainchild of Jamil Ahman, co-founder of fashion start-up Fashinza, Marrfa is a full stack managed real-estate marketplace
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Days after quitting B2B fashion start-up Fashinza, its co-founder Jamil Ahmad has launched a full stack managed real-estate marketplace Marrfa. A SaaS start-up that offers solutions to tackle the trust deficit in the real estate market, Marrfa addresses four key components –

Bridging the Gap Between Developer and Consumer: The platform acts as the intermediary connecting developers with discerning buyers, ensuring that the buyer’s requirements are met, and developers can reach their ideal customer base.

Buyback Assistant: Under this, if a customer encounters issues with a property purchased through Marrfa, the start-up will assist in buying the property back. This initiative effectively transfers the risk associated with buying an under-construction project from the buyer.

End-to-End Financial Solutions: From token money to financing options and complete payouts, Marrfa claims to streamline and simplify all the financial aspects of real estate transactions. The start-up partners with financial institutions to offer competitive financing solutions tailored to the unique needs of real estate buyers.

Ownership Support and Resell Assistance: Marrfa aims to extend assistance to provide ownership support and resell assistance to property owners. This is aimed at fostering long-term relationships with the clients and ensuring that their real estate investments remain a valuable and hassle-free asset.

    In a Nutshell

  • The bootstrapped start-up is ready for launch by the end of the quarter
  • Marrfa will initially operate across India and the UAE
  • It aims to expand in the next two years across Singapore and Europe 

“By combining these key components, we not only aim to bridge the trust gap in the real estate market but also set a new standard for transparency, financial support, and post-purchase services,” Ahmad said.

On the operational front, he said that the start-up will initially operate across India and the UAE. But in the next two years, the start-up aims to expand across Singapore and Europe as well. Currently, the start-up is bootstrapped, but will look for funding opportunities once it fits into the market frame, Ahmad added.

Earlier last month, Ahmad stepped down as the co-founder and chief business officer of Fashinza, after a nearly four-year stint. Going ahead in 2024, Marrfa aims to build a robust network of agents and launch a discovery platform where foreign investors can get the access of loans from GCC.

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