Riding on a Streak of Innovation

Akram Kanso, Co-founder and Managing Director of Prosper Real Estate, speaks to REM TIMES about the booming real estate landscape of the UAE and the customer-centric strategies of the organisation
Deepa Natarajan Lobo | UAE | Developers

A prominent Dubai-based consultancy and brokerage firm, specialising in the UAE real estate landscape market, Prosper Real Estate offers comprehensive services to developers, investors, and end-users, sharing its expertise from numerous successful projects in the UAE property market. With its knowledge, integrity, and innovative solutions tailored to suit the individual needs of every client, the organisation embraces innovation and hopes to redefine the real estate experience for the community.

In an-depth conversation with REM TIMES, Akram Kanso, Co-founder and Managing Director of Prosper Real Estate, provides an insight into the company’s customer-centric strategies that align with the booming real estate landscape of the UAE.

Q1. The Middle East is experiencing a property boom. What do you feel are the reasons for this?

The current surge experienced by the Middle East property market is fuelled by a combination of factors, including robust economic diversification efforts, growth in investments, and influx of both domestic and foreign investors. The demand for real estate is enhanced by numerous large-scale projects, including infrastructure and smart city development. Foreign investors seeking safe and lucrative investment prospects find the region highly appealing owing to its stability and strategic global positioning. The Middle East's real estate market is thriving due to the compelling landscape it offers for sustained growth. This multifaceted synergy of economic, demographic, and regulatory factors has also streamlined property transactions and fostered an environment favourable for investment.

Q2. What sets Prosper apart from its contemporaries, and what strategies have you implemented to ensure its continued growth and success?

What sets us apart in the present cut-throat real estate market of the UAE is our unwavering commitment to excellence as well as strategic approach to customer-centricity and client satisfaction. Our top priorities include thoroughly understanding customers’ diverse needs and preferences, tailoring solutions, and utilising state-of-the-art technologies to enrich their experiences.

Our customer-centric strategy has resulted in an increase in client satisfaction and happiness scores compared to industry benchmarks. We strive to recognise new market trends by utilising advanced data analytics and empower customers to make well-informed decisions. In the previous year alone, investors have occasionally experienced returns of up to 30%, which is regarded as a high rate of return, as a result of our comprehensive investment strategies. Our success is characterised by the numerous ethical business practices and methods we adopt, as evidenced by our customer retention record.

Q3. What does the future hold for commercial and real estate developments in the UAE, particularly for foreign investors?

The UAE is regarded as one of the most appealing locations for foreign investment thanks to its steadfast dedication to economic diversification, exemplified by initiatives aligned with Vision 2030. The country offers prospects for commercial real estate projects due to the continued growth of various significant fields, including technology, tourism, and renewable energy. The UAE’s prime geographic position, world-class infrastructure, and business-friendly regulatory framework pave the way for an environment that is attractive to both domestic and overseas investors.

Furthermore, the provision of long-term investor visas and the recent regulatory improvements showcase its commitment to building an environment that is both sustainable and welcoming to investors. Foreign investors can anticipate a vibrant real estate market with numerous prospects across multiple sectors as the UAE works to establish itself as a global hub for business and innovation. This is expected to further strengthen the country's position as a major player in the global commercial and real estate scene.

Q4. What’s your company’s vision for 2024?

With the rising real estate market growth in 2024 and the supportive government regulations, our brokerage and consultancy firm are positioned at the forefront of our mission to enhance the realty landscape. Through the expertise of our skilled agents and advanced services, we are dedicated to making substantial progress in the industry. We are enthusiastic about the 2024 market prospects as our strategic goals harmonise with the vision set forth by the UAE.

Our plans for 2024 involve penetrating and exploring new opportunities emerging from diverse international markets as well as attracting additional foreign investors to Dubai's dynamic real estate sector. We also aim to establish our operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Additionally, our goals also include expanding our footprint across Europe, particularly in Portugal. Furthermore, we aim to collaborate with developers and prominent investors to position Prosper as a leading brokerage and consulting business in Dubai.

We seek to deliver a further comprehensive variety of services that address every facet of real estate consulting, from business development to sales and marketing strategy. To stay ahead of the curve, we will adopt various innovative methods and remain committed to upholding transparency and innovation across all aspects of business.

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