A Spotlight on Progressive Facilities Management

In an interview with REM TIMES, Mohammad Abdul Karim Khamis, General Manager of Emirates National Facilities Management (EnFM), unveils the essence of the company’s journey so far
Megha S Anthony | UAE | Facilities Management

In the dynamic landscape of facilities management, where innovation and adaptability are paramount, one company has consistently set itself apart through a remarkable journey of achievements and strategic initiatives. REM TIMES recently had the privilege of engaging with Mohammad Abdul Karim Khamis, General Manager of Emirates National Facilities Management (EnFM), in an interview. Here he unveils the essence of EnFM's journey – a blend of innovation, sustainability, and customer-centricity.

Q1 Could you highlight some significant milestones achieved by your company in the last five years?

Over the last five years, EnFM has achieved significant milestones, earning the distinguished title of Rising FM Firm of the Year. Our in-house software CAFM has revolutionized facility management, ensuring seamless operations. We showcase our commitment to enhancing customer experiences through the implementation of internal applications for home and hospitality services. Demonstrating environmental responsibility, EnFM's Sustainability Enhancement Program offers specialized environmental services. The integration of our Digital Transformation and Asset Management System, along with Real-time Performance Monitoring and Reporting, has bolstered operational efficiency.

The introduction of Home Services marked a substantial expansion in the B2C market. Our emphasis on employee training and development has cultivated a highly skilled workforce. In 2023, EnFM received several prestigious awards, including Young FM Manager of the Year, Industry Personality of the Year, Rising FM Company of the Year, Visionary Leader of the Year, and Excellence in Customer Service. Additionally, our partnership with Dubai Police earned recognition. Notably, EnFM secured awards at the MEFMA Confex Partnership, including Executive Management of the Year, Engineering Service of the Year, and CEO of the Year. These achievements underscore EnFM's unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in facilities management.

Q2 In comparison to industry standards, how have these milestones set your company apart in the market? What unique approaches or strategies have contributed to your differentiation in the field?

EnFM has solidified its position as a market leader through a consistent commitment to surpassing industry benchmarks. The utilization of our internal CAFM software and the implementation of specialized applications for Home Services & Hospitality Services showcase our steadfast dedication to cutting-edge technology, surpassing conventional standards.

EnFM's Sustainability Enhancement Program, incorporating Specialized Environmental Services, underscores our pledge to environmentally conscious business practices, setting industry benchmarks for sustainability. Leveraging our asset management system, digital transformation, and real-time performance monitoring and reporting, EnFM stands out as a leader in resource optimization and operational efficiency.

The launch of our B2C Home Services reflects a customer-centric approach, anticipating and meeting evolving customer demands. Prioritizing employee training and development ensures a knowledgeable and motivated staff, elevating service quality.

In summary, EnFM has positioned itself as a leader in the highly competitive facilities management market through a distinctive blend of technical innovation, sustainability initiatives, customer-centricity, and a highly skilled team.

Q3 Reflecting on the impact of these milestones, can you discuss the notable changes or advancements they have brought to the facilities management industry as a whole?

The notable achievements of EnFM have not only elevated operating standards but have also redefined conventions in the facilities management sector. Since the introduction of our proprietary software CAFM, the industry has embraced similar technologies to enhance service delivery and streamline operations, setting a precedent for integrated and efficient facility management systems.

Beyond enriching customer experiences within EnFM, the implementation of specialized applications for home services and hospitality services has inspired the industry to explore tailored solutions for specific markets, recognizing the significance of niche apps in meeting unique requirements.

EnFM's Sustainability Enhancement Program, particularly in Specialized Environmental Services, has played a pivotal role in promoting environmentally responsible practices across the industry, now considered a standard. The combination of our Digital Transformation and Asset Management System with Real-time Performance Monitoring and Reporting has reshaped the industry's approach to proactive asset management and data-driven decision-making, fostering an environment of efficiency and continuous improvement.

Our venture into business-to-consumer home services has catalyzed a trend in the facilities management industry towards diversification and direct-to-consumer offerings.

EnFM's active participation in the Dubai Police SWAT Challenge has sparked similar initiatives, promoting community service and corporate responsibility. Ultimately, EnFM's achievements have not only accelerated its own growth but have also influenced positive changes throughout the industry.

Q4 Looking ahead, what strategic goals does your company have for the future? Are there specific areas or aspects you aim to target for continued innovation and improvement.

EnFM envisions a future characterised by continuous innovation and excellence in the field of facilities management. Our strategic goals revolve around pioneering solutions that redefine industry standards, with key focus areas including:

Advanced IoT Integration:

Harness the power of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies for real-time facility monitoring, enabling predictive maintenance, energy optimization, and heightened operational efficiency.

AI-driven Predictive Analytics:

Integrate artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze data patterns, facilitating predictive analytics for improved resource planning, cost optimization, and proactive issue resolution.

Green Building Solutions:

Expand our commitment to sustainability by introducing innovative green building solutions. This includes incorporating energy-efficient technologies, implementing waste reduction strategies, and utilizing eco- friendly materials.

Customer-Centric Mobile Apps:  

Develop cutting-edge mobile applications that empower customers with real-time visibility into their facilities. These apps will enable users to request services, offer feedback, and enhance the overall customer experience.                             

Smart Building Solutions:

Implement smart building technologies encompassing intelligent HVAC systems, lighting controls, and integrated building management systems. This initiative aims to optimize energy usage and create more sustainable and comfortable environments.                                           

By targeting these innovative solutions, EnFM strives not only to meet current industry demands but also to stay at the forefront, ensuring sustained growth, operational excellence, and a positive impact on the environment and the communities we serve.

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