A Bouquet of Vibrant Communities

REM TIMES speaks to Lynne Akkawai, Founder and CEO of Prime Owners Association Management Services, on the organisation’s approach to technology, the services it offers to the residents and more
Megha S Anthony | UAE | Community Management

A fast-growing organisation in Dubai that specialises in the management of owners associations, Prime Owners Association Management Services is passionately committed to fostering happiness within its vibrant communities and enhancing the lifestyle of its residents. With a focus on quality service and community well-being, its goal is to create a harmonious living experience for all. The Founder and CEO of the organisation, Lynne Akkawi, speaks to REM Times on the team’s approach to technology, the services and programmes it offers to the residents and much more.

Q1. What is your approach to the adoption of technology to enhance the operations and services for residents?

We have woven technology into every aspect of our services, putting convenience and communication at the forefront. For instance, when it comes to customer service, we have crafted a diverse set of options to flexibly cater to residents’ needs and provide them with a variety of choices to engage with our services. Our technology revolves around customer convenience whether it is related to a service request, maintenance request, customer inquiries or payment of service charge. Internally and on the communication front, our early reliance on cloud computing and being tech-forward helped us stay flexible and adapt to many challenges over the years.

Overall, our approach to technology is strategic and oriented towards problem-solving, ensuring that the tech services we use will enhance the convenience and communication channels between our management, the residents, and the operational staff to further solidify the overall ecosystem of our managed properties.

Q2. In implementing technology solutions, how do you ensure that the platforms are user-friendly for both community managers and residents?

We recognise that our industry requires a significant human element to it, and this is something we are proud of. We always try to convey that human quality in the technologies we adopt.

Our approach in ensuring that our technology solutions are user-friendly is iterative: we launch, we listen, we refine. By maintaining a close dialogue with both community managers and residents, we make sure that the platforms we deploy are not only intuitive but also enrich the community experience. This human-centric approach to technology is what sets us apart, as we aim to not just introduce new systems, but also enhance community interaction and management.

Lynne Akkawai, Founder and CEO of Prime Owners Association Management Services

Q3. As the company grows, how does Prime intend to enhance and diversify its services for residents?

Our journey of enhancing and diversifying resident services as we grow revolves around three main ideas that include personalisation, integration and sustainability. We are continuously working towards a harmonious blend of tech-driven, solution-oriented and bespoke-personalised services. Personalisation leads us to invest in technologies that allow us to offer tailor-made services to our residents without sacrificing the human touch that we’ve nurtured over the years. We are committed to embracing technology, while preserving the individualised care that makes us unique.

The constant of all our future endeavours is to build a strong sense of community that brings residents together. We view technology not as an end but as a means to get us there. Our end result will always be the satisfaction of our residents.

Q4. Are there new amenities or programmes planned to meet the evolving needs of the communities?

We are introducing innovative social wellness programmes and fostering a sense of togetherness through redesigned social spaces and engaging events. By creating an environment that encourages interaction and participation, we aim to build stronger, more cohesive communities that thrive on mutual support and camaraderie.

Enhancing communication channels remains a cornerstone of our strategy and we recognise the importance of easy-to-reach and effective communication in fostering a strong bond within the community. We utilise bulletin boards and familiar communication methods to reach our residents. Our door is always open to our communities even beyond our working hours.

Q5. What are some of the trends you foresee in the region?

The real estate sector of Dubai is always leveraging technology, reflecting its status as a hub for innovation. My prediction on several key trends that will shape the future of community management in the region will include smart city initiatives, sustainable practices, remote management capabilities and the integration of artificial intelligence.

Lynne Akkawai, Founder and CEO of Prime Owners Association Management Services

The Dubai Smart City vision has set the path for increasing integration of smart technologies intertwined with sustainability. This in turn paints a future of adoption of green building technologies and eco-centric management strategies that support the implementation of IoTs and integration of artificial intelligence.

These significant trends unmistakably demonstrate Dubai's steadfast commitment to innovation and with it, our dedication to contribute to these advancements in the industry. Additionally, the incorporation of artificial intelligence to maintain efficiency and effectiveness within our technological services will serve as a testament to our dedication to enhancing experiences for our hard-working employees and valued communities and community members.

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