CAIME Chapter Meeting Emphasizes Fire Safety in Communities

The chapter meeting provided valuable insights on fire safety measures in communities and the role a community manager can play.
Megha S Anthony | UAE | Community Management

The recent Chapter Meeting of the Community Associations Institute of the Middle East (CAIME) shed light on the importance of fire safety measures to be taken in communities. The panel discussion was moderated by Ana JerinkićView, Owners Association Manager at Kingfield Owner Association Management Services. The speakers included Freejo Francis, Head of Owners Association-PID OAM, and President-elect of CAIME, along with Sanjay Dadhania, HSEQ Inspector at Concordia DMCC.

During the meeting, the speakers highlighted the importance of fire safety measures in communities, following incidents in 2021 where more than 1,090 residential properties were affected. Sanjay pointed out that the leading causes of most fires in buildings are identified as unstubbed cigarette butts, lit lamps, and incense, as well as electrical faults.

Preventive measures were discussed, and the panel emphasized the need for Emergency Response Plans (ERP), which must include creating groups with owners who are equally involved in the plan. Regulations must be visualized, and simple videos about what community managers do, what to do in case of fires, and animation videos for children should be created to make it easy to consume information. Fire drills should also be taken seriously, with a briefing provided to all residents involved in the process. The potential of fining repeated offenders was also discussed.

In case of a fire incident, the immediate response should be to evacuate the building and call the authorities. People should be trained to stay calm and follow the evacuation procedure. Fire extinguishers and other necessary equipment must be readily available, and their proper working condition should be checked periodically. "We have approximately 2 minutes to handle the situation till the Dubai Civil Defence arrives, post which we as Community Managers cannot be involved. It is highly advised to have a balanced mind to handle the occupants and also have an in-depth knowledge about the building that can help the Authorities," said Freejo Francis.

Speaking on the importance of fire safety, Ana JerinkićView said, "We must take fire safety measures seriously to ensure the safety of residents in our communities. It is essential to follow the appropriate procedures, which can reduce the risk of fire incidents and create a safe and secure environment for everyone."

Overall, the chapter meeting provided valuable insights on fire safety measures in communities. By implementing these measures, residents can live in a safe and secure environment, and the risk of fire incidents can be significantly reduced.

Additionally, Prof Jeevan D'Mello, President-elect 2024 of CAI, gave CAI HQ's latest updates and invited members to join the CAI annual conference this year, which promises to be a one-of-a-kind experience for all attendees as celebrations for CAI's 50th anniversary are underway.

During the meeting, two committees were introduced: the Sponsorship Committee, comprising of Ali Zaidi, Adel Michael Gasan, Farah, and Adarsh Cherian, and the Educational Committee, consisting of Waqar Hasan (immediate past president of CAI Middle East Chapter), Jen Andal-Matining, Ekaterina Bakeeva, and Salma Bhagad.

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