The CX Change Journey in Estate Management

Provis shares an interesting Case Study that serves as roadmap to improve its customer experience
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"The CX Change" served as a roadmap for Provis to improve its customer experience (CX) journey. Over a period of three years, Provis transitioned from a newly established company with limited CX capabilities to an advanced CX focused organisation. This case study explores Provis's endeavors to enhance customer experience, integrate online and offline channels, implement a Voice of the Customer (VOC) system, and transform its business into a customer-centric organisation.

Phase 1: Mapping the Journey:

In the initial stage of our transformation journey, we focused on building a strong foundation. We defined goals, mapped customer journeys, and listened to customers throughout their entire experience. The aim was to understand how customer emotions were impacted at each step, which provided valuable insights into customer experiences and set the stage for future improvements.

Phase 2: Improving Experiences:

With a solid foundation in place, Provis shifted its focus to enhancing customer journeys. We worked on creating personalised experiences, scaling the VOC program, and embedding CX within the organisation's DNA. By developing a customer-centric culture, we aimed to continuously improve and deliver exceptional experiences to its customers.

Phase 3: Raising the Bar:

In the final stage of the CX Change journey, Provis aimed to embed a "wow" factor into its newly improved customer journey. We rolled out the Provis experience across all touchpoints, set clear key performance indicators (KPIs) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) metrics, and closely monitored and evaluated customer feedback through the VOC system. This phase focused on consistently delivering outstanding experiences and striving for excellence in every interaction.

Addressing Core Areas of Change:

During the journey, Provis identified three core areas that required change. Firstly, we focused on providing an omnichannel experience to enable seamless customer service across multiple channels. Secondly, we revamped the physical customer journey to ensure consistency and a unified Provis brand experience across all our communities. Lastly, we initiated a company-wide culture shift, emphasising the importance of customer centricity and ensuring that all employees embraced a customer-first approach

The Role of VOC and Cultural Transformation:

Provis's transformation was driven by the adoption of a VOC system, enabling us to align organisational goals, values, and strategic objectives with a customer-first approach. By actively listening to customers, understanding their pain points, and taking corrective actions, we achieved a significant increase in NPS over three years. The cultural transformation was crucial to the success of the CX Change and buy-in from the C-suite level was essential to making customer centricity a company-wide priority.


Through our CX Change journey, we successfully evolved into a customer-centric estate management organisation. By mapping the customer journey, improving experiences, and raising the bar, the company enhanced customer satisfaction, reduced delays, and increased responsiveness. Provis embraced an omnichannel approach, revamped the physical customer journey, and fostered a customer-centric culture. The adoption of a VOC system played a pivotal role in gathering customer insights and driving organisational change. Our commitment to ensuring every customer’s happiness has paved the way for our continued success in the estate management industry.

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