Creating Meaningful Content on Digital Elevator Screens

Rami Aboul Hosn, Director of Business Development and Partnerships, Elevision Media, gives an insight into the role played by digitised elevators as real-time information hubs
Rami Aboul Hosn | UAE | Community Management

As we navigate the concrete jungles of residential and commercial spaces, there is a rising trend subtly transforming the way we experience our vertical journeys – digital elevator screens. These digital displays are becoming a canvas for connection, information, and community building.

Digitising elevator spaces has a dual impact, enhancing not only the tenant experience but also streamlining and eliminating mundane, repetitive tasks traditionally carried out by property managers and their teams. In fact, a study conducted by Salesforce across various industries revealed that 89% of employees experienced increased happiness when automation took over mundane aspects of their job responsibilities. While discussions about automation typically focus on its impact on property management optimisation, it's essential to recognise that employees also reap benefits when manual tasks, such as printing weekly tenant notices, are removed from their daily schedules.

Real-time Information Hubs

As for tenants, digital elevator screens serve as a dynamic channel to cultivate a sense of belonging. By sharing meaningful content, property managers can communicate important messages, celebrate community achievements, highlight resident stories and more. This not only humanises the living or working space but also builds a foundation of goodwill. These shared narratives contribute to a richer, more connected tenant experience.

Digital elevator screens act as real-time information hubs, ensuring residents and occupants are always in the know. Residents no longer need to rely solely on emails or printed notices that may be overlooked, due to their lacklustre approach to capturing attention. Instead, pertinent information is delivered seamlessly during their elevator rides, making them impossible to miss. This not only enhances communication efficiency but also contributes to a more organised and informed community.

Creating Engaging Content

Elevator rides are often dismissed as mundane transitions between floors, but clearly can be transformed into moments of delight and discovery. Engaging content on digital elevator screens provides a much-needed escape from the monotony of these short journeys. Whether it's featuring local art displays, sharing interesting trivia, or showcasing community achievements, these screens add an element of surprise and entertainment to an otherwise routine experience. Partnering with a trusted solution provider that curates this type of content creates an environment where residents and visitors connect with their surroundings in a meaningful way. This not only upgrades the overall tenant experience but also alleviates property managers of the added responsibility of creating and maintaining meaningful content.

In the digital age, elevators are no longer mere transportation vehicles; they are evolving into interactive spaces that reflect the pulse of the community. By embracing the potential of digital elevator screens to share meaningful content, property managers can contribute to the development of vibrant, informed, and connected communities.

Property managers should not just focus on enhancing the physical and service-related aspects of building management but also recognise the importance of creating digital spaces that improve aesthetics, foster engagement, and propel effective communication. As we continue to collectively explore innovative ways to enhance living and working environments within the PropTech industry, digital elevator screens stand as a testament to the transformative power of technology in building connections through meaningful content.

About the Author: Rami Aboul Hosn is the Director of Business Development and Partnerships at Elevision Media. With 17 years of experience, Rami has played a pivotal role in launching and developing some of the region's leading digital out-of-home networks. Rami has also been instrumental in establishing robust partnerships within the property management industry, propelling Elevision's network presence by an impressive 500% in the last six years.

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