EXCLUSIVE: Al Habtoor Group CEO Setting a Vision for the Future

In an exclusive interview with REM Times, Mohammed Al Habtoor, Vice Chairman and CEO of Al Habtoor Group, shared his insights on the upcoming Al Habtoor Tower project and the company's vision for the future.
Megha S Anthony | UAE | Real Estate

With a rich history of over four decades in the real estate sector, Al Habtoor Group has established itself as a reputable Master Developer known for delivering quality, luxury, and unparalleled standards.

Al Habtoor Tower, an ambitious addition to Dubai's skyline, has already generated significant pre-sales excitement. Al Habtoor Group aims to achieve a platinum LEED certification during the construction process, showcasing their commitment to sustainability—an aspect they consider vital in all their developments. "In all our developments, we want to be as sustainable as possible," said Mohammed Al Habtoor. "From the very early stage of design, we have been focusing on utilizing environmentally friendly construction material, preserving the existing substructures to evade demolishing and discharging thousands of tons of nonrecyclable solids, substantially curtailing the construction time to save energy and resources.

All that encouraged us to pursue a supreme rank in sustainability accreditation with the group’s determination to reserve no efforts in achieving this target.”

Al Habtoor Tower will integrate smart technology and IoT, green spaces, water features, and open areas to create a harmonious and environmentally friendly living environment. Mohammed Al Habtoor emphasized that every detail of the residential tower will be meticulously curated to ensure superior quality, providing customers with extraordinary homes that surpass their expectations.

When discussing the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in real estate, Mohammed Al Habtoor highlighted their longstanding commitment to AI implementation, particularly in their flagship project, Habtoor City. "We use AI in Habtoor City for our water, electricity, and ventilation systems to ensure mindful usage," he stated. Looking ahead to Al Habtoor Tower, Mohammed Al Habtoor mentioned ongoing meetings to harness the power of AI and meet market demands in 2024, aiming to consistently evolve and deliver projects that exceed expectations.

Reflecting on the real estate division's growth, Mohammed Al Habtoor acknowledged the immense potential he sees in the market. He commended the UAE's management of the pandemic, which has propelled the city to compete on an international level. "I have trust in this market," Mr. Mohammed Al Habtoor affirmed, expressing his confidence in the country's stability and resilience.

Al Habtoor Group's investments in the UAE and beyond reflect their belief in the region's evolving mindset, with a focus on diversifying sectors and reducing dependency on any one industry. Mr. Al Habtoor emphasized their unwavering commitment to meet challenges, seize opportunities, and drive success. The group's collaborative approach and emphasis on best business practices allow them to make bold and informed decisions, consistently achieving ambitious targets through hard work, integrity, and a strong team spirit.

As Al Habtoor Group continues to shape Dubai's skyline, their dedication to sustainability, luxury, and superior quality remains unwavering. The Habtoor Tower serves as a testament to their vision, combining modern amenities, breathtaking views, and exceptional experiences for residents. With every project, Al Habtoor Group strives to deliver something bigger and better, showcasing the growth and power of the region as a whole.


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