CAIME Celebrates Remarkable Growth

President Garry Murray talks to REM Times about the association reaching the 100-member mark ahead of schedule
Megha S Anthony | UAE | Community Management

In a remarkable feat that underscores its commitment to fostering professional growth and industry collaboration, the Community Association Institute Middle East association has achieved a significant milestone by surpassing the 100-member mark ahead of schedule. This accomplishment, while perhaps marked by an arbitrary numerical target, signifies a momentous achievement for the association, its members, and its leadership.

In an interview with REM Times, Garry Murray, the President of CAIME, emphasized the significance of this achievement, stating, "Although 100 was an arbitrary number, it was seen as a target that would resonate, signifying that the chapter is growing and that the commitments of the board and the volunteers were resonating with the industry." Indeed, this achievement represents an impressive growth rate of over 30% within a mere 12 months. And it stands as a testament to CAIME's ability to outpace the average growth rates of other small chapters in the CAI (Community Associations Institute).

Reaching this milestone aligns harmoniously with CAIME's overarching vision and objectives for 2023. The association has dedicated itself to nurturing a thriving community of construction and asset industry professionals, creating opportunities for learning, networking, and development. Additionally, it reaffirms the association's dedication to these goals and underscores its effectiveness in doing so.

The question now is how CAIME intends to sustain this growth momentum and continue its upward trajectory. Garry shared his insights on this matter, stating, "Our role is to keep delivering value, whether that is events, opportunities, or networking." This value-driven approach ensures that members derive tangible benefits from their affiliation with CAIME, motivating continued engagement and growth. CAIME's partnerships with esteemed organizations such as RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) and MEFMA (Middle East Facility Management Association) have already laid a strong foundation for expanding its influence and reach.

As CAIME's membership base expands, exciting new opportunities and benefits are expected to emerge for both the association and its members. Garry envisions a future where the increased membership and partnerships lead to a cascade of opportunities, spanning from impactful events to enhanced members' benefits. Expanding beyond the UAE and across the GCC region, CAIME is actively positioning itself as a hub for industry professionals seeking avenues for learning, development, and networking. The association's commitment to enhancing value for its members bodes well for its sustained growth.

This continued efforts of its leadership and volunteers, coupled with partnerships and a commitment to fostering professional growth, has enabled CAIME for a future marked by further accomplishments and growth for the community management industry.

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